Ranski’s Behind the Arc – Our Story

Ranski’s LLC is a 2-man welding team working in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We specialize in in Structural Production Welding, Creative/Artistic Welding, Repair Work, and Custom Collaborative Projects.

How We Started

A 4 year degree was not satisfying what we needed, so we left our UW school after a semester. In 2013, we headed up to Eagle River, WI for a 6 month welding program to get state and nationally certified as an Advanced Structural and Pipe Welders. After school we were both hired at the same job shop. We worked together for 5 years, learning the in’s and out’s of running a full functioning weld shop.

We’ve assembled and welded store display racks, water tight steam manifolds, aluminum industrial equipment, heavy duty truck hinges and hooks,
various big utility truck body mounts, arms, props, and more. This job shop allowed us to see a large array of unique P.O’s. 

Our Welding Skills

Weld types: Tig, Mig, Stick

Weld Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Thicknesses: Up to 1 inch

Other skills: Blueprint reading, Plasma cutting, Grinding

After spending this time in the field, we started building our own things and doing side projects for people. We really enjoyed being more creative with welding and designing custom pieces. Being a local handy service/production welder and exploring our creative crafty side of welding at the same time was where we wanted to take our welding career. Our next step was getting a small space of our own to do just that in!

Get In Touch!

Ranski’s LLC was born and we are now a fully functioning weld shop. Pleased for the potential opportunity that we may service you with any of your welding or creative needs. Thank you for visiting our website. Stay a while, Look around and see what we have to offer you.