The MFS ULTRA is a self-cleaning mobile welding fume extractor. This mobile fume extractor comes with the UltraFlex-4 extraction arm and is robustly designed to effectively remove hazardous welding and grinding fumes.

Starting $4,450.00


  • 1 HP (.75 kW) fan for optimal extraction capacity of 735 CFM / 1250 m3/h with UltraFlex-4 extraction arm.
  • RotaPulse System for automatic sectional filter cleaning lowers operational and maintenance costs.
  • Internal Spark Arrestor – pre-filter to increase unit life and reduces risk of system damage.
  • UltraFlex-4 extraction arm allows for optimal motion and reach for multiple work areas.
  • BalanceWheel system creates frictionless, user friendly UltraFlex-4 extraction arm positioning.
  • RotaHood 360-degree friction free rotatable hood optimized hood positioning and fume removal.
  • Integrated Work Lamp
  • Manual On/Off Switch
  • Automatic Start/Stop Sensor to increase operator productivity and energy savings.
  • Front Casters and Rear Wheels for ideal MFS ULTRA mobility and positioning.
  • Sound Level very quiet < 69 dB(A); operating quieter than most other workshop equipment.
  • Safe and Easy Operation.

The UltraFlex-4 is a top of the line extraction arm and comes with a built-in work lamp and automatic start/stop sensor. This combination offers welders and fabricators an extremely effective, flexible and user friendly solution to capture fumes.

The RotaPulse system automatically cleans the filter cartridge, collecting debris and dust particles in a convenient dust tray for easy maintenance and service.

The MFS ULTRA is optimal for small welding and fabrication shops, plant maintenance, schools and general fabrication and production facilities demanding a mobile fume extractor that can protect their personnel from hazardous fumes in multiple locations